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Hi! I’m Danielle.


The lead Wedding Photographer at Danielle Katie Photography.


Here at Danielle Katie Photography we are a Husband and Wife team. Going by the name you can probably tell it started off with just me. Photography has always been a real passion of mine, quickly passed on to my husband Carl! I am currently training Carl up, so - bonus! he comes as a freebie with all of our Weddings!


We specialise in Photo Journalist style Wedding Photography, and love to capture the full story of your most special day. We focus on taking relaxed and unique photos that reflect you and your emotions on this very special occasion. We love to get into the mix of your Wedding, this allows us to capture the perfect story of your Wedding from beginning to end.


Please take a moment to view our gallery - you can also head on to our facebook page to view more photos and take advantage of our current offers! www.facebook.com/DanielleKatiePhotography. To find out our pricing please get in touch now for a free quote.


It would be great to meet up, have a coffee and discuss your big day in detail, so please get in touch! We hope to speak to you soon, and we wish you all the best on your most beautiful day.

I find about me’s really hard to write. Like what would somebody reading this want to know about me? Do I divulge my life story? Keep it short and sweet? I don’t really know! Il stick to the basics and you could possibly let me know if I miss anything out! As I’m sure you can guess, my name is Danielle. I married my best friend at 18, we have been together for 10 years and have 3 beautiful children and 3 cats! I survive on Coffee, love Chocolate! Currently slimming down mind so trying to keep it out of the house! I think I’m pretty normal – as normal as normal is! I have now written normal too many times and now is normal even a normal word?


Leaving that thought there, lets carry on, I have worked in Retail and in Offices. I enjoyed both very much. I am a very sociable person so work well where others are. I’m a bubbly character but not in your face. I fit in to my surroundings and get along with everyone. A lot of client’s mention to me that it is like having a friend capture their Wedding day!


Photography has always meant a lot to me. Since owning my very first camera phone at maybe age 11, my Phones have been inundated with photos. Mainly 100’s photos of 1 thing, because I am a perfectionist, so I won’t stop until I’ve got it perfect.


It’s never really been the right time to offer my Photography as a service, until now. If your a parent you know how hard it is to have a job that fits around you. With photography, you can work it around your family life. Which is perfect. I feel I have the best of both worlds now. A family life and a job I absolutely love! I think I have rambled enough for now so I will leave it there and hopefully speak to you all soon!






Hi, I’m Carl, (The Husband/Trainee) my job is to help out at all of your weddings, taking photos from another angle and capturing the guests reactions to the bride entering the wedding hall. I also help with the positioning of the Bride and Groom, Bridal Party and family and friends, to make sure everything we capture is exactly what you want.


My interests are Hull City AFC, and spending time with my family. My favourite food is Steak, I love anything sweet, but lately that’s not been a good thing as I am trying to shed some pounds. I can be a very quiet person at times, but when needed I can take charge of a situation.


I have spent time in the military, as well as been a labourer, forklift driver, and bus driver. I am now currently driving HGV’s.


I haven’t always been interested in photography, but when I bought Danielle her first camera, I realised how much it meant to her, she was so excited and loved every minute that the camera was in her hand, I knew the best thing I could do was take an interest and help her on her way to starting her business.


The amount of work my wife puts into your wedding is unbelievable, she takes her time with every photo to make sure its exactly what you would want. She tries to spend as much time speaking with you to make sure everything she captures is what you have asked for. I wish there were more people in the world that shows as much passion in what they do, that Danielle does. It really is a pleasure to work with my wife and watch her do what she loves the most.

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