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Different Wedding Styles!

When looking for a wedding photographer, there are many different styles of photography each wedding photographer may use. Some could use multiple, others may decide that they are good at one.

Choosing the right photographer for you and your wedding, depends on what style of wedding photography you like best. I am going to talk through a few of these styles to give you a better understanding of what you may be looking for, for your big day.

Traditional Wedding Photography

The first style of wedding photography we will talk about is the Traditional photographs. When we look into wedding albums, this is probably what you are going to see most. They tend to be posed shots of the Bride and Groom, with their entourage, family and guests. We also see the traditional cake cutting and dance photos, as well as that important first kiss. Both Photographers and their clients see this as the best way to get the best images possible. The downside to this style of wedding photography is that it doesn’t show the true emotions of the day, and it takes a lot of time organising and getting the group into the correct positions.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary Photography is based on a photographers artistic side, although some of these images are posed, like your traditional photos, these shots are slightly more relaxed. If taken correctly, this style of photography can produce some stunning images and can really capture something special. Unfortunately, these photos can take a lot of time to get right and can take the mood away from the day. It is important for the photographer, or the bride and groom to know exactly what they want for these photos to be done right.

Portrait Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography can produce some stunning results, especially of the beautiful bride, or with the bride and groom together. This style involves formal Photography of both the bride and groom together and separately. It can take a lot of time to get these shots right. It involves a lot of direction and posing, but is a must to incorporate into your own style as a Photographer, as it can bring the whole photo album together in a beautiful way. These photos are best taken in the moment, when the bride and groom are ready, with all makeup applied, when they are in their gown and suit, and ready to pose for those all important photos before the ceremony begins.

Final Words

Don’t forget that all wedding photographers have their own style and may include all these types, or one of many more that are available. Its important to choose the right photographer for you, to capture what you want and to tell your story of one of the most special days of your entire life.

Here at Danielle Katie Photography, we try to deliver to you all the images that you want, we listen to your needs. We are always learning, through every wedding that we photograph.

It is a pleasure to have you read this blog and I hope you select the correct photographer for you.

Good luck with planning your wedding, and your big day!

Carl and Danielle @ Danielle Katie Photography.


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