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Please not a rainy day!

It was a cold Autumn day the first day I met with my clients Karen & John. Really really lovely, down to earth couple who's wedding I was excited to capture! On that first meet Karen asked "what will we do if it rains Danielle?", a common question. But one I'd never actually had to enforce. I explained as I always do, that we would have a back up plan, but with a no rain track record, I was pretty confident we would escape it ;) HAHAHAHA

The Wedding came closer and closer, Karen's fears worsened, I was confident April's Weather would be glorious! My own Wedding was 30th April (8 years ago) and I actually tied the knot with the worse sunburn imaginable (but that's a different story). A week before the wedding we were both eagle eyeing the weather forecast. It didn't look bad, but it didn't look good either. "A chance of rain". A Chance - that's fine, all we need is an hour after the wedding to get groups - Il try get Karen & John alone afterwards! A few days before the Wedding.. A problem! We found out there was going to be Road closures in the town centre (Wedding Location) and the closure was going to be right outside of the venue! The closure was because of an Electric Kart Race! We were not expecting the sight we came across on the Wedding Day! The location for the formals was also filled with big white ugly eyesore tents.

Hideous orange and White Barriers - These things were everywhere!

Day of the Wedding - Cloudy start. No rain, sunshine even peeping through. See! Fear for nothing! Perfect Wedding day weather!

Stunning bride.

We arrive and it was drizzling, a drizzle is fine! Still nothing to worry about. They became Mr & Mrs, beautiful Ceremony. Until....

Luckily Karen was still in good spirits!

We walked out of the venue and the heavens opened! Our couple and their group understandably didn't want to get wet. So we took a couple of group shots and left for the Reception.

We were a little disappointed that we couldn't get our formals done outside but the day is what it is and the weather is what it is. We had such a fantastic day regardless. Once again another fantastic couple that made us feel like accompanying friends rather then Photographers! Lastly I want to leave you all with out favourite picture from the day - Karen and John chuckled at this picture when they saw it - although it may not bring fond memories back for the happy couple...... Seen as the Groom called his now Wife, by the wrong first name during his speech!! Whooops! And on that note - Congratulations once more!!



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