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Pricing is so stressful! Especially in such a competitive market. I personally think I'm priced very fairly. I have some great offers on and compared to some Photographers I am probably marked as cheap.

I get an awful lot of enquiries through my inbox but a lot don't ever get back to me and I never really understand why, I don't mean that to sound vain, just as above I feel I am fairly priced. If you are reading this and you are one of my previous enquiries that didn't book, I would love to get feedback!

A lot of people don't understand why Photographers charge so much, let me give you a small insight. A Professional camera for 1, costs Thousands of pounds! Wedding Photographers carry 2! We have to do so many weddings before we even have our cameras paid, never mind the wide range of lenses we also need - which also cost into thousands of pounds for just 1. We don't see a profit for so long! By the time we do, we may worry our equipment is no longer keeping up to date with other photographers and want to upgrade to keep those crisp photo's up to standards! - Yet more money - no profit.

There is our time too. We prepare for your Wedding. We meet you numerous times to make sure we have exactly what you want planned and ready to put in to action. If we have never been to your venue before we will set aside time in our busy schedule to pop along to the venue and have a good luck around to get ideas for the best shots for your memories! Then there is the actual day. 7-10+ hours on our feet, and we are not just pressing a button like so many think. There are so many different settings on our camera that we must change and fiddle with every time we move position or shot. There is lighting to think about, getting everybody into the shots, going through our mental list hoping we haven't forgotten anything that our Wedding clients requested.

And once your special day is over with? Here we still are behind the scenes, stinking of coffee, match sticks for eyes. Hours and hours, day after day editing your hundreds and hundreds of photos that we have taken to remind you time and time and time again of one of the most happiest days of your life's, not forgetting all our other Clients within that time.

Never pay pennies for a Photographer, you could end up regretting it. You only have one chance to get it right. One chance to capture the adoring way you look at each other as you say I do, one chance at that very first kiss as Husband & Wife.

Have tears looking at your wedding album for the right reasons, not regrettable ones.


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